MS Gold Flex

100% Made in Italy
Monocomponent silane adhesive, specifically for gluing all types of wood floor to concrete subfloors or nonabsorbent flooring (marble tiles, Palladian flooring and wood surfaces).
• Monocomponent
• 100% MS Technology
• High yield
• High initial tack
• Suitable for gluing all kinds of wooden floors
• Free from isocyanate and amines
• Solvent-free
• Low VOC emissions
• Coverage- 162 SF per pail
• Uses Trowel No. 6 (5/16" x 3/16" x 1/2")
• IIC 67, STC 62 (ASTM E 492-09, ASTM E 90-09).
Where to apply:
- Absorbent and non-absorbent flooring
- Traditional concrete and anhydrite screeds
- Calcium sulphate screeds
- Absorbent and non-absorbent subfloors with underfloor heating or cooling systems
- Metallic surfaces (after degreasing)

The following may be glued onto these surfaces:
- Non-locking 10-mm solid wood battens (lamparquet) compliant with standard DIN EN 13227
- Mosaic parquet compliant with standard DIN EN 13488
- Solid wood strip flooring (industrial) compliant with standard DIN EN 14761
- Interlocking tongue-and-groove solid wood boards with maximum width of 18 cm or 20 cm with oak veneer compliant with standard DIN EN 13226
- Finished multi-layered flooring compliant with standard DIN EN 13489
- Cork flooring compliant with standard DIN EN 12104

If applied evenly and uniformly, MS GOLD FLEX can act as a vapour barrier (by forming a continuous layer) on the aforementioned tongue-and-groove parquet only, and unheated bases with a moisture content up to 4%, corresponding to environmental humidity

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